Pop And Lock Instructional DVD

This instructional DVD is not just some guy showing off!

Rippin' Richie thoroughly explains and breaks down the moves so that even people with no experience can learn them.

The DVD is 55 minutes long and teaches the following moves:

Popping (Hitting)

Tic Wave (Broke Arm Wave)

Hand Wave

Arm Wave

Body Wave


"Moon Walk" (Backslide)

Side Glide

King Tut (basic technique and a couple of moves)

Each move is in a separate chapter so you can go
straight to it without fast forwarding or rewinding.

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What people are saying about the DVD

I've been half way to getting the poppin flowing for a while, but was lacking the grasp of several moves; so there were many "aha!" moments whilst watching.

Cheers again mate!!

Hey rich i ordered your videos and i did some of the moves i learned at prom, and i was the life of the party thanks to you.


Rippin Richie,

I ordered your vid about a month or so ago. Since I got it I have been practicing nonstop! I just wanted to say thanks again for making such an amazing vid that breaks down moves so basic so that people of all skill levels can learn!

I have been dancing for about 4 years or so(liquid mostly some amateur popping and most recently locking)but I have been trying to get down that side glide for about 2 and a half years now, and until you explained every movement that was involved it just never clicked. I have asked people at clubs and raves for so long they just never could break it down the way you did.

I also found your segment on hitting to be very helpful. The tutting segment was very cool too, some good new concepts. One more thing I loved about your vid was that it broke down the basic forms of moves but didnt actually give like whole routines, (so you can freak it your own way and put your own style on it, no biting!) def a vid by steppers for steppers. again thanks so much Richie! peace,


Hi Rich,
Got your dvd and wanted to let you know that it is the best. I agree with that guy on your clip -you are sick! You get straight down to business, clearly explaining correct form and technique without all that hollywood crap. It feels just like a real dance class.Thanks for sending it so fast also.

ps. if you ever travel to Australia let me know.

Dear Richie, I am a 45 year old "wanna be dancer who longed to learn all this popping stuff I used to see these kidsdoin the subways in NYC, but felt ridiculous going up to these youngin's and asking em to teach me, not that they would anyway... I was beginning to give up hope...
Then I got your DVD..
Imagine my surprise when one day at the subway these youngin's asked ME to come out and dance with them when they saw me Popping on the side doing the moves I learned from your DVD!
Your instruction is clear, concise, idiot proof and best of all show you a view of you doing it FROM THE BACK something other instructional DVD's completely forget.
I would highly recommend your DVD to anyone wanting to learn how to do this great style of dance! Thanks!

Subwaysurfer NYC

The DVD is so different from all the other popping videos I have seen. The way you break down different moves makes them so much easier to learn. Certainly most of the other popping instructionals I have seen just have a guy demonstrating different moves and/or just showing off rather than actually teaching them. You take the time to actually explain the details of different moves and how to achieve different effects. Thank you!

Thanks again
Kuen-Wah, UK

Hey Rich,
I recieved the instructional dvd today and I must say that I am impressed. The level of competence that comes across is remarkable. Just as how the backslide guide on your website taught me how to moonwalk in 5 minutes, the instructional DVD reiterated a few points on things like sideslides and floats I had never thought of but were bugging me. Straight away I am a much better popper beacuse of it, thank you. I nearly wet myself during the clip where your cat walks through after a confused look at you.

I'm turning into a popping fiend now. All my friends say I can't do a thing without turning it into some sort of robotic routine. I even open the fridge differently. I've not reached popping while drinking a beer yet, though. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Scotland, UK

Received your Pop and Lock DVD and loved it. I am a national and international competitor in West coast Swing, Salsa, and Country Western dancing and I have won both "United States" and "World" dance championships. I am 57 years old (hardly the age one would think of as a "popper") and I am starting to use your Popping techniques to embellish and enhance my dancing style. I just had a 16 year old dancer ask me to show him some of those "cool" moves. You really do a great job of simplifying and breaking down the techniques so that they are more easily learnable.

Thanks -

Hi Richie
Thanks for sending it out so quickly. It is an awesome instructional DVD. You manage to break it down so that it can be learnt.


Dear Rippin' Richie,
Thank you very much!!!!! 
I have received the DVD.  It is very good and the teaching is very clear.  I am learning the side glide.  Hope that I can catch the skill earlier.

Hong Kong