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Have us shoot and edit your dance show! We shoot with 3 cameras and can have the DVDs ready to go in 48 hours! Click here for more info.

After taking a few years off, Richie is making himself available to teach dance workshops again.

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 Rippin' Richie as Robot Santa

Pop And Lock Instructional DVD

This instructional DVD is not just some guy showing off!

Rippin' Richie thoroughly explains and breaks down the moves
so that even people with no experience can learn them.

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"I did some of the moves i learned at prom, and i was the life of the party thanks to you."

"You get straight down to business, clearly explaining correct form and technique without all that hollywood crap. It feels just like a real dance class."

"I have been trying to get down that side glide for about 2 and a half years now, and until you explained every movement that was involved it just never clicked."

"Your instruction is clear, concise, idiot proof and best of all show you a view of you doing it FROM THE BACK something other instructional DVD's completely forget."